Dania grew up in total isolation.

She was hatched on Sky-Island, former home to the civilization of Bird-People. She grew up alone and believed herself to be the last of her kind, raised by video feeds in the Aerie that taught her about the surface world and her dead father, the original Red Raven. What Dania saw in those tapes convinced her that Namor the Sub-Mariner was responsible for Red Raven’s death, though deep down she understood that her father had actually succumbed to madness and died by his own hand. Her first contact with the outside world came in the form of the villain Diablo, who traveled to the sunken Sky Island to steal the secrets of the Bird-People for himself. Namor was quick to follow, and together he and Dania helped to defeat Diablo and thwart his plans for the sunken Aerie—but not before Diablo animated the suspended corpses of Dania’s people and forced them to attack her, including her father Red Raven. Dania was fourteen at the time. The attack left her distraught.

Later, it was revealed that the Red Raven who had died was in fact an artificial construct, and the original was alive with his sanity intact. He revived the Bird-People and reunited with his daughter, who helped him and their people to rebuild the floating Sky-Island in secret. After that, Red Raven and the Bird-People defended their reconstructed home from any and all intruders, demanding that the surface world leave them in peace, and Dania worked harder than anyone else to ensure that her father’s wishes were obeyed. More recently, she was listed in Tony Stark’s post-Civil War report as being a foreign national still active as a superhero in the United States.

Dania might not have been a popular character. She might not have been very well-known. She might have had few appearances and fewer fans. But she was still a character with history and a legacy, and she deserved better than to die in Avengers Arena at the start with no fanfare and zero spoken lines. She deserved better than to die like this. Including her in the book just to be killed off was a total waste.

R.I.P. Dania | Red Raven III (1991-2013)

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    I had no idea that Red Raven III was a pre-existing character with a crapload of backstory. Just one more reason to hate...
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    I think any defense of her death is more or less moot when even the writer admitted to having handled it badly.
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    I guess I’d just like ryandrakeart to reread (his?) defense of this death and explain how any part of it would be...
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    A lot has already been said on how wasteful Mettle and Juston’s deaths were but Dania’s really was a shame and if you’re...
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    She had zero spoken lines before her death. I can guarantee you that virtually no reader picking up this book would have...
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    You’re right! Red Raven is a wonderful character with a rich background.However, this shouldn’t exempt her from...
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    its definitely interesting to hear her backstory but i still really dont care that she died yeah she should probably...
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    I undestand perfectly. ometimes I jsut wake up, open my favorite marvel fan website, see Arena is coming out next week...
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    Well in vol.2 of the Runaways, which was written by the CREATOR of the staff of one, Alex’s dad was able to stop the...
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    I’ve said it before, but this book has destroyed any possible optimism I could possibly have. At this point, I expect...
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    What I was actually getting at was that by doing a bland, unimpressive, creatively bereft story which killed Juston and...
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    True. I just think that she didn’t have to die from hitting the force field. Out of all the deaths in this series I hate...
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