I'm not trying to be a jerk, so I apologize if it comes off that way. But I just don't understand. If someone is a cis het asexual...why do they need representation in the queer community? Again, not trying to be a jerk...but I literally makes no sense to me.


so, “het asexual” is your first misconception. it is literally impossible to be heterosexual and asexual simutaneously. asexual is a sexuality in it’s own right. there is no overlap with heterosexuality at all. nope, not even for gray-heterosexuals. because they are not heterosexual, they are gray-heterosexual, which again, is a sexuality in it’s own right. and the same can be said for heteroromantic asexuals, because again, they are asexual

i direct you to this post and this post and this post and this post and this post and this post and this post. i could go on, but i’ll stop there. so, read all of that, and then see if you can come back say it “literally makes no sense” to you

the point is that asexuals are not straight. we are not straight, and hey, guess what? some of us are actually trans too. shocker, i know. and while you may think we aren’t “queer enough,” straight people sure as shit think we aren’t “straight enough.” so where the fuck does that leave us? please, anon, do tell

~Mod Q

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And like the thing is I get it, I really do, there’s a lot of to love about the MCU but I felt for a long time Tumblr has had a really rose tinted view of the diversity level in the MCU, and the bitterness about Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Cyborg really just shows me that for a lot of people it wasn’t a legitimate discussion of diversity so much as “I hate DC so I’m gonna endlessly drone on about how much better Marvel is.”

I mean when we first found out about the Agent Carter short I was excited and posted a quote from the producers that got reblogged around, and it ended up with someone writing a long screed on how great Marvel is because Peggy knows how to use a gun and Iron Man and Cap both have black partners and how there’s a woman in the Avengers and they kept using it as evidence of how progressive Marvel is.

And I feel like it got to a point where people were just so enamored of the MCU that they didn’t want to criticize it at all, so you get people holding up table scraps and refusing to ask for any more. I mean I got backlash for pointing out that they said the lack of diversity in Phase One was due to them wanting to focus on recognizable characters to the mainstream public, but then turning around and making movies about Star-Lord and Ant-Man.

So it’s just a rude awakening for some people to see that after all of Kevin Feige’s bullshit about how a Black Panther movie is “complicated” (which was already bullshit because LOL Wakanda is too tricky but you made a movie set in space featuring a planet made out of a giant severed alien head) or how now was just not the right time for Carol Danvers or She-Hulk, WB just went and greenlit Wonder Woman, Cyborg, and an Aquaman movie starring a POC actor. And then a Suicide Squad movie that will likely have Amanda Waller and Harley Quinn, with them looking at Will Smith and other black actors for a lead role. The Avengers meanwhile have 8 white actors and a robot played by a white guy, while Agents of SHIELD brought in Victoria Hand, an out lesbian in the comics, only to kill her off to advance some boring ass dude’s storyline. 

I don’t think DC or WB are perfect and they’ve made a LOT of missteps, but they just went and showed how really fucking easy is to diversify your universe when you actually get up and make a fucking effort instead of putting the POC characters and women in supporting roles while complaining about how it’s difficult and tricky to make movies starring them instead of more relateable white guys.

I like the MCU. I want it to do better. I hope it does better. I want WB’s announcements to be a wake-up call that convinces them “Hey maybe there are kids who aren’t white who want to be superheroes too?”

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From the set of Batman v. Superman, we have what might be our first unofficial look at Mercy Graves, Lex Luthor’s PA and bodyguard, played here by the Wolverine's Tao Okamoto.

Originating in Superman: the Animated Series, Mercy was a woman with a checkered past that Lex saved from a life of poverty, leading to near fanatical loyalty to him… at least until it became clear to have over the course of the series that it wasn’t exactly reciprocated. By the time Justice League rolled around she actually took control of LexCorp while her former boss was going full-supervillain (even improving profits to boot)… though by the time he was pardoned in Justice League Unlimited, she found herself back in her old job, more’s the pity.

Mercy also transfered over into the comics, where it was revealled that she was actually an Amazon like Wonder Woman. Which seems a bit of cheap way to explain WHY a woman is capable of being as kickass as her, but oh well. Generally if both Lex and the Joker are in a story together, she ends up working as a foil for Harley Quinn due to them filling similar roles.

this real cartoon premiered in April 1990 on ABC and things just went downhill from there