the hand pain’s getting bad again lately


honestly the amount of people who try to talk me out of liking pop music i sw2g they try that whole ‘but its not REAL music its all AUTOTUNE its so FAKE’ and im like son when i got to mcdonalds i know damn well this isnt real meat but it still tastes  good and im going to enjoy it  more than the fucking string bean salad your pretending to enjoy aka mumford and sons or whatever the shit your into to impress the guy at your work who has an undercut and an ironic hawaiian shirt

it’s been three days since i got this card and i still can’t believe it fucking happened


HEY HEY HEY TUMBLR USER thekittenkollective, HERE IS YOUR FUCKING STARTER KIT OF COOL, RECOMMENDED BLOGS FOR ATTRACTIVE PEOPLE, selected painstakingly from my robot brain’s (admittedly incomplete) knowledge of your humor and/or interests:

Go follow some food blogs while you’re at it you lazy piece of shit.



we dont.. play much..




you know when u hate someone so much u start imagining their face in the sky?


because they beat u at a card game?


seto kaiba knows



"Remember who you are, Kaiba…"




"A loser."


selekuos replied to your post: all right friends i have a weeabo fuck…

that tells me what all the honorifics mean but doesn’t tell me anything about how they’re supposed to be capitalized depending on different contexts, and it actually gets the capitalizion wrong in some of the english examples listed as equivalents

all right friends i have a weeabo fuckin question to ask im a copy editor and its driving me FUKCING INSANE HELP ME OUT

ok i know there’s like a difference in wording (pronunciation?) between talking about someone else’s family member(s) in japanese, and talking about yours? right?? but specifically for romanization of family titles/honorifics—is stuff like “nii-san” or “okaa-san” supposed to be capitalized if used as a form of direct address? like in english, we use lowercase familial names for indirect mentions, such as “My mom should be at the store,” but then we capitalize direct address so you get “Shouldn’t you be at the store, Mom?”

i don’t know if it’s the same for romanized japanese?? or if there’s even a rule about it??? i’ve seen it p. much every iteration of ways in translated stuff and it’s making me so annoyed that i cant find THIS ONE ROMANIZATION RULE FOR A LANGUAGE WE WENT OUT OF OUR WAY TO BASTARDIZE TO THE POINT THAT IT HIT MEMETIC STATUS GDI